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🇬🇧 Step by step - simple setup, seriously safe
🇬🇧 Step by step - simple setup, seriously safe

We believe that safety on the water should be easily accessed by everyone.

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Follow our step-by-step guide to get started with your Zeaeye setup.

  1. Buy Controller and subscription
    Go to our shop. This is where you buy your Controller together with a voucher code for your subscription. The voucher code is later used in the Zeaeye app, when activating your Controller.

  2. Create a profile in the Portal
    While waiting for the delivery you can prepare yourself by downloading our app here and creating a user. Get to know the system, print a copy of our user guide and place it in the boat where it's easy to reach it.

  3. Activate your Controller
    When you've got the Controller in hand, follow our guide to activate and connect Controller. When connecting the Controller you also set up your subscription.

  4. Mount the Controller
    Mounting the Controller doesn't require any tools. Follow our guide Mount the Controller.

Your Zeaeye setup is now ready, safe sailing!

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