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🇬🇧 Summer has come to an end, now what?
🇬🇧 Summer has come to an end, now what?

Here are some tips for what you can do with your Controller when the season changes.

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You can't help but feel a little sad when summer is coming to an end. We're heading towards darker times, it's starting to get colder and maybe your winter boots have a hole in them. Boo-hoo... At Zeaeye, we usually try to ease the blues by looking back at all the lovely trips stored in the app, together with a cup of tea and some Digestive biscuits. If you have more feel-good suggestions, feel free to share them as a comment.

Regarding your Controller, we have the following advice...

...for those of you who continue to travel on the water

You can safely use the Controller as usual. Keep an eye on the battery in the app, and take the Controller inside to recharge it if the battery level falls below 50%. Ensure your Controller is not exposed to temperatures below 5°C when the battery level is low. Read more about how to protect the battery at low temperatures.

...for those of you who take the boat up on the land

The Controller may remain mounted on the boat, even if it is not being used.

  1. Fully charge the Controller on the charger.

  2. Set the Controller to sound an alarm tone if it is removed from the holder.

  3. Set the Controller to track on land (if it is on land).

  4. Place the Controller in the holder on the vessel.

The Controller will now send a notification if the vessel moves, and also notify if someone tries to remove the Controller from the holder. If you accidentally activate the alarm, simply put it back in the holder. If the boat is stored outside or in an unheated room, you must keep an eye on the battery level in the app, as it must not drop below 50%. Read more about how to protect the battery at low temperatures.

When the next season approaches, remember to turn off the alarm in the app and to fully charge the Controller before you head out on the water.

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