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How Do I Share My ZeeMee on My College Application? Scholarship? Internship? Job?
How Do I Share My ZeeMee on My College Application? Scholarship? Internship? Job?

Learn the best tips and advice to share your ZeeMee link to help your story shine for any application.

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Every ZeeMee has a link, and it's super simple - and powerful - to share that link with every college you are applying to. But why stop there? We've heard great things from our users who have successfully shared their ZeeMee link with internships, scholarships, and even job applications!

You may find and copy your link in the ZeeMee App.

Over 200+ colleges directly ask for ZeeMee. You can simply copy and paste your URL directly into the application. But what about for other colleges? Scholarships? Jobs? Internship? It's just as easy and possible to share your ZeeMee link to get your story across to them.

Here are some of the top ways to do just that:

#1. Share Your ZeeMee Link With Your Counselor BEFORE Asking For Letters Of Recommendation
If you are a student, share your ZeeMee link with your counselor or anybody who you are asking to write your a Letter of Recommendation BEFORE they get started. This helps them to get to know you a little better, which can help them write a better letter of recommendation

#2. Ask Your Recommendors To Put Your ZeeMee Link Inside Your Letter Of Recommendation
Your ZeeMee Link is short - ask your counselor or anybody who's writing a recommendation letter for you to copy and paste your ZeeMee Link right into the letter!

#3. Write A Simple Thank-You Email to Colleges You Apply to With Your ZeeMee Link
Far from being intrusive, it's simply polite to write a simple thank you letter to colleges, scholarships, internships, or jobs you are applying to. This lets them know that you are a professional, and that you are polite! Here's a sample:

Dear [Admissions Rep Name],

I am excited to have just submitted my application for your school! If you'd like to learn even more about me, check out my ZeeMee link here.

Thank you for this opportunity, and I am excited to hear back from you shortly. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.ย 


[Your Name]

#4. Paste Your ZeeMee Link Into The Application
There are so many ways to integrate your short ZeeMee link into any application, including:

  • Add ZeeMee link to the "anything else you want to share" section

  • Add ZeeMee link to the "additional information" section

  • Add ZeeMee link to the top of your resume resume

  • Mention your ZeeMee link in an essay or activity section

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