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What advice should I give my students on ZeeMee?
What advice should I give my students on ZeeMee?
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The good news is that students are the experts at the technology behind ZeeMee. As such, you won't find a whole lot of students that need help downloading an app onto their smartphone or uploading a picture on the internet?

However, here's some advice for you as you support your students around technology and ZeeMee from some of the best counselors in the game.

  1. Help Your Students Understand That They Have A Story
    If you gathered all of your students in the room and asked, "How many of you feel you have a story?" you may - or may not - be surprised at exactly how many hands go up. But what we believe, and what you already know, is that every one of them has a story.
    By simply walking through the above framework to help students understand that they have a story, that their story matters (to themselves, their community, friends, school, and also to you), and that they can now and for the first time use video to directly speak with a college, you can help students take advantage of this opportunity in the college application process!

  2. Infuse Character Strengths Into Your Work
    One of the most influential voices in character development is the Character Lab. The offer tools and research centered around identifying and nurturing character development for students.
    We are dedicated to bringing character to the college application process - as a matter of fact, that's exactly what ZeeMee does! You can help your students accomplish this by encouraging them to think through and share their character strengths in their 26-second video responses on ZeeMee. They can even make a free-form video around their character growth and development!

Finally best way to learn more about ZeeMee is to sign up for one of our ZeeMee Professional Development webinars. You can sign up here: and chat with us in person!

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