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Getting Started

Zemanta allows you to upload all your ads simply and effectively. We know most marketers have multiple creatives they want to use within a specific ad group or campaign. Our Creatives management system is built to support thousands of creatives. Here is a quick guide to uploading your creatives.

1. Ad group has already been created

You have already created your campaign as well as your ad group and now you need to add creatives. On the ad group level, navigate to the Ads tab and click on the + Ads button. You have two options. You can choose to Add existing creatives from the Creative Library or you can Add new creatives.

1.1 Add existing creatives

To select existing creatives to be added to a specific ad group we offer a workflow within a pop-up functionality where you can easily pick creatives you want to add and just click on the Add to ad group button down below.

Search option

You can look for a specific creative by typing in any word or part of the word (at least 3 characters) that is in the title, ID, URL, or description. The search keyword or part of it used in the search applies to all ads (also on the other pages).


You can also filter the view by creative type (native, video, display), by ad group, or by tags (which is not a compulsory element, but only optional to help to group the segments of creatives). Filtering is applied to all creatives within the view (not just that one page you currently see).

Grid view options

You can choose between two grid display options - a data-detailed list and a more visually appealing gallery view.

1.2 Add new creatives

To upload new creatives that you haven’t added to the Creative library yet, select Add new creatives option and then choose between two options: uploading creatives One by one or Bulk upload as a file.

One by one

To upload an ad, fill out the form (all the fields with the exception of Label and Tracking are required). Learn more by reading Best Practices for Creating Ads.

To add another ad, click 'Add new creative'. We recommend creating 5 to 10 ads per ad group.

Bulk upload as a file

Download the CSV/Excel example file to get a copy of the Creatives Upload Template

The Creatives Upload Template is organized into multiple columns:

  • Column A - URL - Enter the URL you want to promote.

  • Column B - Title - Select the title for your ad.

  • Column C - Image URL - Paste the image URL. Alternatively, you can also upload images from your own storage.

  • Column D - Image Crop (optional) - Use it to crop your images based on specific pixel coordinates. We recommend leaving it on Optimized, as it will automatically pick the best cropping method for your creative.

  • Column E - Brand Logo URL - Paste the image URL or upload the logo from your own storage. The minimum required size is 128x128 pixels. Image height and width must be equal.

  • Column F - Display URL - Display URL is sometimes shown as part of your ad. Enter the URL your ad leads to.

  • Column G - Brand name - Enter your brand’s name.

  • Column H - Call to action - Enter the most appropriate call to action for your ad - you can choose from several options or think of your own call to action.

  • Column I - Description - The description will typically be shown alongside ads with larger formats.

  • Column J - Ad tag (optional) - Labels are not shown as part of your ad - use them for your own reference.

  • Column K & Column L (optional) - Ad tag width and Ad tag height

  • Column M - Video asset ID (optional)

  • Columns N to AB (optional): Primary, secondary, tertiary impression trackers (Tracker 1 Event type, Tracker 1 Method, Tracker 1 URL, Tracker 1 Fallback URL, Tracker 1 Optional, Tracker 2 Event type, Tracker 2 Method, Tracker 2 URL, Tracker 2 Fallback URL, Tracker 2 Optional, Tracker 3 Event type, Tracker 3 Method, Tracker 3 URL, Tracker 3 Fallback URL, Tracker 3 Optional), and Tags (Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3, Tag 4, Tag 5) - the maximum number of Tags which can be added through the bulk upload feature is five, however, you can add additional Tags in the Zemanta dashboard

To learn more about creative specifications, read our Best Practices for Creating Ads. If you have any questions about the type of creatives we do and do not accept, please see our Acceptable Content Policy.

After completing the Creatives Upload Template you can upload your ads. Select a name for the batch you are uploading. As you create, publish and upload more creatives, the batch name can help you distinguish between different sets of creatives. The batch name is only visible to you as a reference to a specific upload. By default, it will use Date and Time at the moment of the upload.

So, after choosing the Batch name, just click the Choose File button select your file and click the Upload button.

A popup with all of the uploaded ads will appear. You can quickly scroll through your creatives to see if any of them have errors. Click the pencil icon to fix errors. You can also remove creatives if you wish.

Fields with missing or incorrect content are marked. Fill them out to prepare your creatives for publishing. Click Use as default for fields you would like to auto-populate. Your creatives will automatically update while you are editing.

You can download the creatives you have uploaded by clicking Download Ads Snapshot. Once you are happy with what you have prepared, you can download a file to archive, or send it to your coworkers or clients.

Click Upload and you're done! Zemanta will upload, index, and propagate all of your creatives now. You will be notified when your upload is successfully completed.

2. Ad group is not created - using Creative library

If you haven't created your campaign or your ad group, you can still add your creatives. In fact, it is recommended to do it as soon as possible. Our Creatives management console Creative Library allows it.

Creative Library enables advertisers to create creatives once and use them across all of their ad groups. The next step in our Creatives management system is that creatives will be submitted to be reviewed immediately after being uploaded to the library, which will allow you to prepare for campaign flights in advance.

Where is the Creative Library?

On any page, you can access the menu (hamburger menu). One of the drop-down options is Creative Library, just below the Automation rules. Just click on Creative Library, and voila - our beautiful creatives management console appears!

All about our Creative Library workflows is available on this help page.

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