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Publishers & Placements Configuration
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Publishers and Placements are the most important attributes that determine the performance of the traffic you buy.

Zemanta offers a set of functionalities that make it easy to target publishers and placements. Below is a brief overview to get you started fast.

You can find the Publishers & Placements section under the Inventory Management tab in the main menu on the left of the screen. There, you can configure lists of publishers and placements to target or exclude from your campaigns.

You can upload list files by clicking on + Add new list button and following the instructions on the screen.

You will need to prepare a CSV file with the list of publishers and placements first.

The structure of the CSV file has the following format:

  • The first column specifies a publisher domain or app name as reported by the media source.

  • The second column specifies the placement as reported by the media source (this is an optional field).

  • The third column specifies the media source (this is an optional field).

  • The last column specifies the Bundle_ID, allowing you to target or exclude specific app and operating system combinations by adding their unique Bundle IDs.

IMPORTANT: You can include or exclude the publisher on all media sources by leaving the media source value empty. Alternatively, you can specify the media source where you want to exclude or include the publisher.

  • Placements are always specified as a unique combination of a specific publisher and a media source. When including placements on the list, you will be required to specify all three values.

Download an example Publishers & Placements list in the Zemanta UI.

The Include subdomains checkbox influences how we match the publishers based on the domain name in the CSV file.

Domain name structure

  • Make sure domains don’t include the protocol specifier (http:// or https://) when listing domains in the CSV file.

  • Domain names are structured from labels that can either be top-level domains (the label on the far right) or subdomains (all other labels). The “.” divides the labels. For example, consists of two labels (zemanta and com) of which com is the top-level domain and zemanta is the subdomain).

How do I target a Publishers & Placements list?

To target a Publishers & Placements list, check out this help page.

IMPORTANT: Publishers & Placements lists on the lower level (campaign or ad group) are merged together with lists defined on the level above them (account or campaign).

On every level, you can only add to the lists defined in the levels above and can not override a particular setting.

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