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Display and Video Inventory for Native Campaigns
Display and Video Inventory for Native Campaigns
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Extend your native campaign reach to display and video placements

Zemanta enables advertisers to get their Native ads served within Display and Video placements to enable incremental reach and ultimately broader audiences. We call this functionality “Extended Reach”.

PLEASE NOTE: Extended reach for video placements will be available starting July 5, 2023.

Benefits of using Extended reach:

  • Scale the reach of your native campaign and make sure that your target audience is reached wherever possible.

  • Reach specific publishers that otherwise don’t support native ad units.

How does Extended Reach work?

Native ad creatives consist of the title, description, image, and other assets. These assets are sent to the publisher whenever we purchase the ad impression and the publisher takes care of laying out and displaying the assets on the page. Simply put, the advertiser provides the ad ingredients and the publisher stitches them together on the page.

When Zemanta buys Display or Video inventory for your Native campaigns, Zemanta creates an appropriate ad layout based on the creative ingredients the advertiser provides.

We use smart layout repositioning to decide where we should place the title and description. Zemanta also resizes the image based on the contents of the image so that the important elements are retained in the resized picture.

Native to Display ad unit examples

Here are a few examples of how the Native to Display ad units looks like when rendered in a traditional display placement:

Native to Video ad unit example

This is an example of how a Native to Video ad unit looks when rendered in a traditional Video placement:

How do I enable Extended Reach?

1. Navigate to the ad group setting and find the Publishers & Placements targeting section.

2. In the Extend Reach section, select to serve native ads also into display and video placements on selected publishers. Both options will be preselected so that by default you are also running on display and video inventory, in addition to traditional native placements.

The tick box will only be shown when you select Native campaign type. The setting is visible in both new ad group creation and existing ad groups.


Since Extended reach enables you to serve native ads in traditional display and video placements, you will see some impressions are reported as display or video where Extended reach is enabled.

Additionally, since native to video placements are animated (as seen in the example above) you'll see those impressions reported in the video metrics.

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