Delivery Types & Dayparting
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Delivery Type

The delivery type determines how your ads will be delivered throughout the day. The standard option is optimal in most cases as it makes sure that people from various time zones and with different browsing habits can be reached. This is the default setting. An accelerated campaign will deliver ads within the first hours of the day (EST) and stop once it reaches the daily spend cap.

You can change your delivery type by going to ‘Settings’ at the ad group level, selecting the delivery type and clicking ‘Save’.


Dayparting allows you to schedule your ads to be active for specific hours and days of the week. Each block is one hour. If the block is filled in, it means the campaign will be running during that block of time.

PLEASE NOTE: The ads are shown in the viewer’s local time, not the advertiser's local time.

IMPORTANT: Dayparting is supported only on RTB sources. Ads are running all the time on Outbrain and Yahoo for now.

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