Campaign Goal Setup
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All successful advertising campaigns start with a specific business objective. Zemanta campaign goals, powered by the Autopilot, help you stay on top of all your business objectives for your campaigns within a single interface.

Creating goals

After creating a brand new campaign you'll be directed to the 'Settings' page. First, give your new campaign a title and then it's time to enter your goals. Select the 'Add New Goal' option.

You can choose to focus on traffic acquisition, conversions or engagement.

Traffic acquisition metric:

  • CPC

Conversion metric:

  • CPA

Engagement metrics:

  • Time on Site (measured in seconds)

  • Max Bounce Rate

  • Pageviews per Visit

  • New Users

  • Cost per Non-Bounced Visit

  • Cost per New Visitor

  • Cost per Pageview

  • Cost per Completed Video View

Campaign goals were designed to support multiple objectives, for example hitting a $50 CPA and a 65% max bounce rate. If you enter multiple goals, you can (and should) determine the primary goal by clicking on it and selecting 'Save', as the Autopilot will only optimize towards your primary goal. You'll still be able to track your performance in terms of your other goals.

Once you complete the campaign goal setup, the primary goal column will appear in the reporting tables. The colour performance indicators in the column show whether your primary goal is being met. You can track your other goals by hovering your mouse pointer over the smiley faces.

The columns are available at the account, campaign and ad group levels, opening the door for detailed optimization.

Beyond the table breakdowns, Zemanta also offers a visual presentation of the campaign performance, so you can start making fancy graphs for your team!

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