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Cloning Ads and Ad Groups
Updated over a week ago

Cloning helps you to reuse existing ads and ad groups when creating new ones.

Clone ads

1. Click on the Clone button in the Actions column.

2. A pop-up window opens that lets you create a new ad from the existing one.

3. Click Add to ad group.

Clone Ad Groups

1. Navigate to the campaign from which you'd like to clone your ad group and click on the Cloning button next to the ad group name:

2. A pop-up window will open up that allows you to choose the new ad group name and the campaign you'd like to clone the ad group to. When cloning, you can select whether to include ads and bid modifiers or not.

PLEASE NOTE: While cloning Ad Groups, the parent campaign will be selected as a default destination campaign for a faster cloning process.

3. Click Clone. A pop-up will open with a summary of your action and offer to take you to the newly created ad group.

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