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Ad Group Actions
Updated over a week ago

On the Ad Group level, rather than making changes to individual creative ads, Zemanta has a Bulk Action capability to help you automate creatives management. While viewing the Ads Tab simply check the ads you'd like to change and select Actions.

Zemanta gives you the option to take five actions in bulk:

  • Pause: Whether they are underperforming, you've noticed an error or the ads are no longer relevant, Zemanta can bulk pause ads in each ad group.

  • Enable: This action will turn on previously paused ads.

  • Download: Gives you the Creatives Upload Template populated with all the ads uploaded. This is a great option if you'd like to use the pre-existing data to create additional creatives for the A/B test.

  • Archive: Removes, but does not delete ads from your dashboard view. The ads are still available if you scroll to the end of your live ads.

  • Restore: Bring back any ad from the archive. Restoring previously archived ads will enable you to add them back to the campaign.

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