Adding Brand Logo to the Ads
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At Zemanta, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide our clients access to some of the most premium inventory on the open web.

To make sure your placements are displayed in the best quality, we have updated our ad feature to include a brand logo. Logos in creatives enable your brand to better communicate who you are and increase brand awareness and recognition.

What is changing?

To ease the transition, we’ve added this functionality to the Account level, which means you can upload the logo once, and it will be automatically applied to every ad within that account.

Don’t worry if you’d like to test different variations, we’ve added the option to change the brand logo on the Ad level as well (instructions below).

Keep in mind you will be able to opt-out of serving on placements with logos completely, however, Zemanta won't be able to serve ads on placements where a logo is required. To check which exchanges require a logo as part of a creative placement, please refer to this list. On placements where the logo is optional, our system will always include the logo in the bid response.

What happens if I don’t have a logo to upload?

If you’re not using your own logo, we will automatically select an icon for you based on the campaign category you’ve selected.

How do I add a logo to my account?

You can upload the logo on the Account level settings, or add it to your ads when uploading new creatives. The minimum required size is 128x128 pixels, and the required format is square. You can either paste the link to the image URL or upload it directly from your computer.

Keep in mind you’re able to edit the logo on the Account level at any time, however, logos on the Ad level won’t be open to edits once uploaded. If you’d like to test separate logos, make sure to clone an existing ad and make the change there.

How do I add a brand logo to my ads?

Adding a logo to your ads is very simple and represents just one additional step in the ad upload window. You can upload the brand logo using storage from your own computer, or paste the image URL. Keep in mind the minimum required image size is 128x128 pixels with equal image height and width.

Once you upload your brand logo image, you’ll be able to see the ad preview in the ad upload window or on the ad level directly (by hovering over the thumbnail of a specific ad).

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