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How to Automatically Create Multiple Ad Variations (BETA)
How to Automatically Create Multiple Ad Variations (BETA)
Updated over a week ago

Ads are one of the most important components of your digital ad campaigns, and testing different ad variations to find what works best for your target audience can be a cumbersome process.

To help you simplify ad upload while enabling you to effectively test multiple ad combinations, we’ve BETA released a functionality that allows you to easily create different ad variations from a simple file.

How it works:

In the current BETA phase, this feature is available via bulk upload – the feature works by combining rows with columns which have different values.

For example – if you have 3 different ad titles and 3 different images, you can add those elements in 3 different rows in the bulk upload file, and our tool will automatically generate 9 different ad variations by taking all possible ad title and image combinations.

How to test the functionality of your campaign:

Follow the steps below to learn how you can easily use the feature in your campaigns.

Step 1: Navigate to the ad group where you’d like to upload your ad variations, click “+Ads” and select “Bulk Upload”. Alternatively, you can follow the same workflow in the Creative Library.

Step 2: Download the example file provided in the bulk upload window. If you’re looking to create different variations from your existing ads, you can first download your existing ads as a .csv file.

Step 3: Insert your ad elements in the provided bulk upload file.

For best results, we suggest you create different variations of the main ad elements, such as title, images and description. The rest of the ad elements (such as URL or brand name) should remain consistent.

Step 4: Upload the file with ad elements via the bulk upload interface.

Step 5: In the batch name field, enter your batch name and add the following text: , and mix the creatives please. Keep in mind to copy this text exactly, as this is what triggers the ad variations functionality.

Example batch name:

Step 6: The ad variations functionality will take all the different ad elements in the spreadsheet, mix them together into all possible variations, and automatically upload them to your creative library or your ad group.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to avoid overloading the system, the variations tool first checks how many combinations it would get before starting the upload. When it detects the uploaded file will result in more than 100 ad combinations, the ads will be normally uploaded and no ad variations will be created.

As we continue to develop and build upon this functionality, we're looking forward to your feedback!

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