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Campaign Cloning
Updated over a week ago

Campaign cloning allows you to copy campaigns (and settings of all entities within that campaign) in an Account. In this article, you will learn how to Clone a campaign.

1. Navigate to the Account in which you’d like to clone an existing campaign.

2. Click on the

button next to the campaign name you wish to clone.

3. Select Clone:

4. In the new window that appears, give your cloned campaign a name, and select what entities you wish to clone (campaign settings, ad groups, and ads). You also have the option to select the end state of the copied ad groups and ads.

5. Select Clone and you will be taken directly to your newly created Campaign.

Data and settings in cloned campaigns

All campaign settings, (and settings of all cloned entities) will be cloned to the newly created entities, with the exception of the campaign budget. Please make sure to apply the budget manually after cloning.

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