You'll be paid weekly on Fridays for the work you completed the previous week. Your pay will arrive in your bank account by close of business on a Friday.

So, for example, if you worked Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in Week 1, you would be paid for those days on the Friday of Week 2.

Getting set up for your first payment

On your first day of work with Zen we'll send you an email about getting you set up with our umbrella payroll provider Key Portfolio. The information on their site and support if you have questions is excellent. Please don't hesitate to contact Key Portfolio or check out their help centre if you have questions.

Common questions about payroll

I haven't given you my bank details to be paid

If you didn't receive an email asking for your payment details on your first day of work please do get in touch.

It's Friday and I haven't received my payment yet

Deposits are usually received towards the end of the day. If a payment you are expecting still hasn't arrived after close of business on Friday then please get in touch.

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