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πŸŽ’ Schools:

If you are a school or a school representative and need to get in touch, call us on the following number: 020 3870 4413.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Candidates:

If you're a candidate and have any queries related to your onboarding, finding work through Zen Educate, or queries about a confirmed booking, please go to the chat in the Zen Educate app and contact us there. Alternatively, email where our dedicated Support Team will be able to respond to you directly.

This is the fastest way to be connected with the correct member of the Zen team to resolve your query.

You may also phone in on 020 3870 4632, however please note the line can get busy therefore we suggest using the live chat feature within the app.

*If you are working for Opus Education and need assistance or want to report an absence, contact us using these details.
​*If you are contacting for USA related queries, please email

πŸ•°οΈ Working hours:

Our working hours are weekdays from 7am – 6pm, except for holidays. If you have contacted us over the weekend, please allow up to Monday morning to expect a response.


If you're coming by for a right to work check, let us know so we can arrange for your dedicated consultant to meet you at our offices:

Zen Educate

Unit 3.41 Canterbury Court

1-3 Brixton Rd


SW9 6DE.

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