Receiving requests for work from schools

When a school requests you for work you'll receive a text message with the basic details of the booking and a link to see more details and respond. To accept or decline a booking, just follow the link, review the details and hit accept or decline.

Bookings pages contain information about the school, directions and links to accept or decline

If you are unavailable to work on that day, or others, do make sure to update your calendar. This helps avoid disappointment for schools and stops you being bothered at times you can't work.

Expired bookings

At times you may follow a link to a booking and see a message that the booking has expired.

The expiry time changes depending on how soon the booking is. We aim to balance making sure you have enough time to see it and respond, for instance if you are teaching at the time, and getting a notification to us and the school so we can find a replacement if you can't make it.

If the booking is a day or more away you'll typically have the whole day to respond, whereas if the booking is for the next day they generally stay active for an hour, and we'll try and follow up with you after school hours in case you are teaching. This means we can get a response to the school by 5pm and gives enough time to find a replacement if you can't make it. For bookings requested in the morning for the same day, the time is much shorter and will display on the message so we can act quickly for the school.

If you are teaching, we generally suggest to check your phone at lunch and after school hours to respond to booking requests. You don't need to be worried about missing bookings and running out during lessons to check your phone! And if you can still make a booking that has expired do feel free to get in touch as we may not have yet found a replacement, so it may still be available.

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