It's quite common that you may need to provide us with more documents than you upload during your registration.

Please email any additional documents to

Here are common reasons why you may want, and we may need you, to send on further documents.

If you have more than one qualification and need to send multiple certificates 

When you register, we ask that you upload your most relevant qualification in the registration form, but if you have more qualifications that you'd like us to see please send them on.

If you have changed names 

If you've had a change of name, and your qualifications are in a different name to the one you currently use we will ask you for proof of your change of name (ie. marriage certificate).

I'm unable to upload my documents in the registration form

If you're unable to upload your documents for whatever reason, please send them on by email to the address above.

After completing the registration process you need to send us more documents

After you've completed registration, if you need to send us more documents just send them on by email.

If you have moved and we need proof of your address

If you have moved recently we may need further documents as proof of your new address.

Other questions about uploading documents, which documents are required, qualifications, or signing up in general, please get in touch.

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