If you are running late, transport is delayed or cancelled, you're lost, or simply are having difficulty finding the school, please call us as soon as possible: 020 3870 4632

If you can't call or don't get through immediately please send us a text message. If possible, it's useful to know where you are and let us know when you think you will arrive.

If we know you won't be there on the time we can contact the school and let them know when to expect you.

We know that no one likes to be late for work — it makes the day much more stressful. By letting us know as soon as possible we can help set expectations and keep the school informed so your day can start out as well as it can.

If you are looking to plan your journey you'll find a convenient link for directions from the booking page in the app, as well as tips for finding the school and information about parking if needed.

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