You don't need to call us every day to let us know you're available for supply. Instead just make sure your calendar is up to date on the platform.

Zen is different from a traditional recruitment agency. You may be used to calling an agency to ask if there is work each day and to keep top of mind for the consultants at the agency. You don't have to do that with Zen as schools can see and book you directly for short-term roles. As long as your calendar is up to date in your profile then you're showing up in searches for them and can receive requests for work. If requests come in to the team at Zen from schools, as long as we can see that you're available in your calendar, you'll automatically be considered for roles.

Learn more about managing your calendar.

If you're not receiving work here are some things that can help:

  • Make your teaching profile standout to schools — for example, check that your experience and education are listed, your have a clear and concise summary and your profile photo accurately and represents you professionally
  • You can also call us if your preferences have changed. For example, if you can now drive, or you'd be willing to teach in related year groups, these can both help you show up for more roles
  • Feel free to call us to check that we have your preferences correctly recorded

It's also worth bearing in mind:

  • The more flexible and adaptable you are in terms of what you can teach and how far you are willing to travel the more requests you may receive
  • Certain periods, such as the start and end of terms are naturally quieter for supply requests than at other times

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