As you’ve probably heard, the government has announced the mandatory closure of schools from Friday 20 March 2020. These are extraordinary and uncertain times for educators, especially ones that work on supply. We’ll do everything we can to get you the latest information and help as best we can through this crisis. Please check back on this page regularly for any updates.

Right now, we’re overwhelmed with queries so we may have to wait much longer than usual for a response. To help, we’ve put together a list of common questions we’re hearing:

What happens to supply workers when schools close?

Unfortunately, this means all bookings after 20th March 2020 are cancelled until further notice. If you are in a long-term booking, we’ll work hard to get you back at the school or another long-term role once schools reopen. 

Will I still get paid for cancelled long term bookings?

It is a fast-changing situation. Unfortunately, there is currently no requirement for schools to pay temporary workers during a shutdown, it is completely at their discretion. The government just announced (March 20th) a sweeping package of interventions. We are waiting for official guidance but are hopeful that the government will introduce  support for flexible workers like supply teachers & TAs. 

Our account managers are actively speaking to all of our schools and we’re encouraging schools to continue to pay their long term temp workers through an unplanned shutdown if the national government does not introduce further measures to support them. As soon as we have an answer from your school, our team will be in touch to share it with you.

Please note: Even for those where a school kindly agrees to continue paying temporary workers, please plan for significant disruption in receiving funds in the event that school offices are closed for several months and they can’t initiate payments.

Will I still get paid for cancelled short term bookings?

Unfortunately, all short-term bookings after 20th March 2020 are cancelled and there won’t be any pay available.

Will there be any work in schools?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of schools and nurseries will be shut until further notice. The government has announced it will open some schools to support the children of key workers (e.g. medical professionals) and vulnerable children. It has also asked those schools to remain open through the Easter holidays.

Although there aren’t many details yet, we will write to you as soon as we know more. 

When will schools reopen?

The government has closed schools indefinitely and not issued any guidance on when schools might open beyond as soon as they possibly can. When schools reopen, we expect them to have unprecedented levels of staffing uncertainty. Therefore, please do stay in touch with our team about your plans.

These are really tough times as the world deals with an unprecedented global pandemic. We’ll do our best to support our educators as best we can throughout this fast-moving situation.

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