The safety of children and staff at schools is our number one priority. We know that the coronavirus pandemic has meant a lot of changes in how schools operate and how our teachers and teaching assistants can support schools. To ensure you can continue to rely on staff provided through Zen we have made a number of changes to our platform.


Before accepting each booking our teaching staff are reminded to confirm the following declarations:

  • I do not have a temperature
  • I do not have a new persistent cough of loss of smell or taste
  • No one in my household is displaying coronavirus symptoms
  • I will follow government advice on working safely during the pandemic
  • I will alert Zen if I develop symptoms of coronavirus during the booking

Add coronavirus information to your school profile

We know all schools will have had to make changes in how they operate. You will now see a section of your school profile called Coronavirus information where you can add any information for supply staff to read about any changes you have made before they arrive at your school. This helps them prepare better for work at your school.


We have also taken steps to make sure our information about who is available to work is up to date.

Updated availability

We have spoken with all our staff who are interested in daily supply work and those who don’t want to do daily supply have been marked unavailable for the near future.


We know that some people will have concerns about travelling long journeys and particularly on public transport. We asked our staff to confirm their travel preferences are still correct. We also provide schools with the travel distance, not just travel time, between the teacher and your school to help you make a decision as to someone’s likely receptiveness to daily supply requests.

You can also help by making sure you have provided parking information for your school. We use parking information to choose whether to show driving as a transport method when assessing matches.

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