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Admin: Setup NetDocuments For ZenCase
Admin: Setup NetDocuments For ZenCase

How To Setup And Configure Your NetDocuments Cabinet For ZenCase

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How To Setup And Configure NetDocuments

For the best experience integrating your NetDocuments repository in ZenCase, please follow the guidelines specified below.

Only NetDocuments administrators have the ability to configure cabinet options.

Note About NetDocuments Security Groups

You only need one NetDocuments administrator account to setup your initial NetDocuments integration settings with ZenCase. This account will set the Repository, Cabinet, and Profile Attributes that all NetDocuments integrated users will use in your firm.

After NetDocuments settings are set and the integration is enabled, then each ZenCase member will have to integrate with NetDocuments in order to start creating clients, creating matters, and work with documents in NetDocuments through the ZenCase application.

Non-Admin NetDocuments users in your NetDocuments repository will need to be setup in your Cabinet settings to allow them to view Matter workspaces in ZenCase. See below in "Setup Cabinet Security For Your Firm" section of this article.

Create New Profile Attributes

You will need to have two profile attributes which will correspond to a client and matter in ZenCase. You can create new profile attributes or use existing profile attributes.

  • From the top right corner, click your Name to open the user menu

  • Click "Admin"

  • In the upper left, click the three horizontal lines icon to open the Navigation menu

  • Click "Profile Attributes" from the Navigation menu

  • Create two new profile attributes for "Client" and "Matter".

  • When creating the "Matter" profile attribute, select "Client" under "Link to parent"

Note: If you already have profile attributes you would like to use to designate as "Client" and "Matter", then you do not need to create new profile attributes.

Matter Types Sync To The Matter Lookup Table

ZenCase will add matter types in the Matter Profile Attribute lookup table under the "Type" column for the matter. By having the matter type in the "Type" column, you can setup Folder Packs within NetDocuments to automatically build out a folder structure for all new matters with a particular matter type. Learn How Folder Packs Work in NetDocuments.

Note: The Matter's "Type" name must match exactly the matter type in ZenCase and the Type in Net Documents. This same matter "Type" name must also match the Workspace Template name exactly for folder packs to work properly.

Important Note About Permissions to Sync Contacts and Matters

For firm members to be able to create contacts and matters in ZenCase that will automatically upload the contacts and matters into NetDocuments, they will need proper security permissions. Learn more Allowing End-Users to Upload Lookup Tables. Only repository administrators or firm members with the specified permissions will be able to sync contacts and matters between ZenCase and NetDocuments. Otherwise, they will receive an error stating they do not have access to perform the action in NetDocuments.

Setup Cabinet Security For Your Firm

After creating new profile attributes, you will need to adjust your cabinet settings.

Please Note: Only Internal NetDocuments users will have access to ZenCase matter workspaces. You will need to set your NetDocuments internal user group with the proper settings specified below.

  • In the upper left, click the three horizontal lines icon to open the Navigation menu

  • Click "Cabinets" from the Navigation menu

  • From the Cabinets page, select the cabinet you plan to integrate with ZenCase

  • On the Cabinet details page, scroll down to the section "Cabinet Security"

  • Select the "Add" action for the group name that you want to allow access to ZenCase for managing documents for client and matter workspace
    Note: Group must consist of NetDocuments internal users. External users are not supported in workspaces.

  • In the prompt, it will ask you "Add this user group to the My Cabinet cabinet?"

  • Select "OK"

  • In the next popup window, you will need to specify the group access level

  • Select an access level that has "Edit" as part of the access, such as "View, Edit (VE)", "View, Edit, Share (VES)". or "View, Edit, Share, Administer (VESA)".
    Note: This is important to have "Edit" access for your Group to be able use document automation in ZenCase.

Additional helpful articles on Cabinet Security:

Enable Profile Attributes For Documents In Your Cabinet

After setting up the security for your cabinet, you will need to enable profile attributes.

  • In the upper left, click the three horizontal lines icon to open the Navigation menu

  • Click "Cabinets" from the Navigation menu

  • From the Cabinets page, select the cabinet you plan to integrate with ZenCase

  • On the Cabinet details page, scroll down to the section "Configurable Document Attributes"

  • Select the profile attributes "Client" and "Matter" to be active for documents in this cabinet.

Note: The profile attributes you plan to designate as "Client" and "Matter" should be checked in this section. We are using "Client" and "Matter" as the profile attributes in this example.

Enable Workspace In Your Cabinet

You will need to select the "Matter" profile attribute in which to base workspaces on and it is important to also enable workspaces in your cabinet.

  • Continuing on the Cabinet details page, in the upper left corner, click "Define workspace templates"

  • Under "Base workspaces on this attribute", select "Matter" as the profile attribute you want to link to matters.

  • Check the box for "Enable workspaces in this cabinet"
    Note: This is very important to make sure this checkbox is checked and enabled so that ZenCase can create workspaces for you.

  • Click "Save Templates"

Install ndClick And ndOffice Applications

We recommend installing ndClick and ndOffice to enhance your NetDocuments experience within ZenCase for opening and sharing documents in their corresponding Microsoft Office applications.

These should be all the settings you need configured for NetDocuments. If you have any problems with integrating NetDocuments with ZenCase, please let us know!

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