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How To Create A Pre-Bill For A Client Or Matter In ZenCase

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You can quickly and easily create a pre-bill for a client or matter in ZenCase. You have two options for creating pre-bills: Client based billing or Matter based billing.

With Client based billing, you can select a client and bill your unbilled charges from multiple matters on a single invoice.

With Matter based billing, you can select a matter and bill your unbilled charges from your specific matter on a single invoice.

How To Create A Pre-Bill

Before you start creating pre-bills, verify with your firm administrator that your firm's billing information is setup properly. Once this is configured, then you can start generating pre-bills.

  • Go to Unbilled page from the left navigation bar.

  • Select the Matter tab for matter based billing.

  • Select the Client tab for client based billing.

  • Apply filters by clicking "All Filters" to find your pre-bill.

  • You can filter by various criteria: Client, Matter, Originator, Manager, Division, Matter Type, etc to filter down table results.

  • Once you've determined the pre-bills you would like generated, select the rows from the table.

  • Select a date in the "Invoice Date" field to set the date to generate pre-bills.

  • Click "Generate Pre-Bills".

You have successfully created pre-bills and you can now review and approve your pre-bills.

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