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How To Create A Payment For A Client In ZenCase

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You can create/receive a payment in ZenCase and associate the payment to a client and/or invoice.

At the time of creating a payment, you have the option to auto-allocate the payment to an invoice or receive the payment without allocating the funds.

How To Create A Payment

  • Go to the Payments page from the left navigation bar

  • Click "Receive Payment"

  • On the New Payment screen, select Client

  • Select Matter to filter invoices

  • Select Invoice to associate payment to invoice

    • When not selected, then this will be credit added to the client balance

  • Enter Date

  • Select Payment Method

  • Select Payer

    • This list is pulled from the contacts list

  • Enter Reference

  • Enter Description

  • Enter Amount

  • Click "Attach From Computer" to upload a document for your payment

  • Check/Uncheck "Auto-Allocate Payment?" option

  • Click "Save"

You have now successfully created a payment. You will be redirected back to the Payments list page and you can verify your payment was added to the payments table.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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