You can add a connection to any matter in ZenCase. By creating a connection for a matter, you can establish specific contacts or members with roles and notes that will be associated with your matter.

How To Add A Connection For A Matter

You can create a connection to view all of the contacts and members related to your matter.

You can add new connections to your matter or import matter connections via CSV.

  • Go to the Matters list page

  • Select a matter in the table by clicking the matter's name

  • On the specific matter detail's page, click the "Connections" tab

  • Click "Add Connection"

  • Select Organization/Person which is a contact or member

  • Select Relationship Role

  • Enter Title

  • Enter Note

  • Click the checkmark icon under the "Actions" column

You have now successfully added a new matter connection.

If you select the contact in the connections table with the checkbox, you can click the "Conflict Check" button to perform a conflict check for that connection.

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