You can add memos for a matter to keep track of important information related to the matter. Memos are taggable for easily categorizing and organizing your notes.

How To Add A Memo For A Matter

You can import, manage, and tag memos about your matter.

  • Go to the Matters list page

  • Select a matter in the table by clicking the matter's name

  • On the specific matter detail's page, click the "Memos" tab

  • Under the Add Memo section on right panel, you can select tags.

  • Select as many Tags as you want or create a new tag

    • Click on the tags dropdown selection, you will see an "Add New Tag" button at the bottom of the dropdown to create new tags

    • Note: If you do not see the "Add New Tag" button, then you may not have permissions to create new tags. Tags are created by your firm administrator.

  • Enter Memo

  • Click "Save"

You have now successfully added a new matter memo. Click on the memo on the left panel to view, and from the right panel, you can edit the memo and click "Save."

You can easily search and filter your notes on the left panel by:

  • Author

  • Tags

  • Create Date

  • Update Date

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