You can manage your firm's custom information for each matter right from this tab. Custom information is defined in Firm Settings by your firm administrator where they can define certain custom field data types that will apply to all matters.

How To Add Custom Information For A Matter

Custom field information can be sorted, managed, imported, and exported from the table.

  • Go to the Matters list page

  • Select a matter in the table by clicking the matter's name

  • On the specific matter detail's page, click the "Info" tab

  • Click "Add Custom Field" to add new information

  • In the pop up window, enter new field label, field name, and field value

  • Click "Save"

  • You have successfully saved a new custom information for your matter

  • Now, click the "Edit Mode" button to edit existing information

  • In the table, each row will have an input field where you can enter information

    • Enter values under the "Value" column in the table

    • All changes are auto-saved and shown next to the input field

    • You can quickly enter information for multiple fields at once

  • Once you've completed entering information, click "Finish Editing" to save

You have the ability to create a document from a matter details page and use the document blueprint fields, represented by the { } squiggly brackets. The information filled out on the Info tab will automatically populate your document. Read more about how to create a document using document blueprints.

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