When you are connected to Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Calendar, you will see all events from your Office 365's calendar events that are associated to the matter.

You can filter, search, and associate/link or unassociate/unlink calendar events from the matter.

You can also import your Outlook Events via a CSV file.

How To Add An Event For A Matter

  • Go to the Matters list page

  • Select a matter in the table by clicking the matter's name

  • On the specific matter details page, click the "Events" tab

  • You will now see a list of Microsoft Outlook Calendar events that are associated with the matter

  • You can filter by Calendar and Date Range

  • Click "Add Event" to add a new calendar event associated with matter

  • Enter Title of event

  • Check/Uncheck All Day Event

  • Enter Attendees

  • Enter Start Date (if All Day is unchecked)

  • Enter End Date (if All Day is unchecked)

  • Enter Location

  • Select Calendar

  • Click "Save"

You have successfully created a new Outlook calendar event and it will be automatically associated to the matter.

You should see this new calendar event in the table. You may need to adjust your filters if you do not see the event.

Click on the "Calendar" tab to view a daily, weekly or monthly view of the calendar of all associated events.

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