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Add A Charge For A Matter

How To Add A Charge For A Matter In ZenCase

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You can add time entries, fixed fees, and expenses for a matter when viewing a specific matter on the "Charges" tab.

From the Charges tab, you can view a quick summary at the top of the page for the hours, unbilled, and billed information for your matter.

You can also:

  • Manage time entries, fixed fees, or expenses associated with the matter

  • Import charges

  • Export charges

  • Search and/or filter charges

  • Apply discounts to time entries or fixed fees

How To Add Time Entries For A Matter

You can add time entries, fixed fees, and expenses for a matter. Click the appropriate Add button to add your charge type.

For this example, we will create a time entry for the matter.

  • Go to the Matters list page

  • Select a matter in the table by clicking the matter's name

  • On the specific matter detail's page, click the "Charges" tab

  • Click "Add Time Entry"

  • Client and Matter selections will automatically be selected for your matter

  • Select the Member (Required - auto populated as the currently logged in user)

  • Enter Date (Required)

  • Select Billable (Required - Yes or No)

  • Select Task

  • Enter Description

  • Enter Hours (Required)

  • Enter Adjusted Hours (Required - auto populated when you enter Hours)

  • Enter Rate (Required - auto populated from rate assignment if available)

  • Click "Save"

You should now see your new time entry added to the table list. You may need to refresh the page to view updates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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