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How To Delete An Invoice For A Client In ZenCase

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You can easily delete an invoice in ZenCase whether the invoice has been paid or not.

If you have the required security permissions, you will see a "Delete" button in the table under the "Action" column. If you do not see a "Delete" button, then you may need to contact your firm administrator for assistance.

For paid invoices, you will need to delete the payment before you can delete the invoice.

How To Delete An Invoice For A Client

  • Go to the Invoices list page from left navigation bar

  • Search or filter invoices

  • Click the "..." three dots icon from the Actions column for a payment

  • Click "Delete Invoice"

  • Confirm deletion, click "Yes, delete it"

You should see your changes updated in the invoices list table. You may need to refresh the page to view updates.

Important Note: If the invoices has already been paid, the payment will need to be removed BEFORE you can delete the invoice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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