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Transfer Matter To Another Client

How To Transfer A Matter To Another Client

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Transfer Matter To Another Client

When your matter has changed to another client and you need to transfer all of your matter information to another client, including unbilled billing data, you can easily transfer your matter from the matter page.

  • Go to the Matters list page

  • Click on a matter name for a specific matter to view details

  • On the matter details page, in the top right corner, click the "Client Transfer" button

  • In the Client Transfer pop up window, you will see the "From Client" filled in as the current matter's client name.

  • Choose the "To Client" as the client to transfer the matter.

  • Click "Transfer"

  • You will see a confirmation dialog warning you that only unbilled billing data will be transferred to the new client. Existing billed invoices and payments will remain intact for the current client. Trust balance for the matter will be transferred to the new client.

  • If you are ok with the warning, then click "Yes, transfer to selected client."

    • Choose "No, don't transfer" to cancel action

Congratulations! You have successfully transferred your matter to another client.

We recommend verifying the data has been transferred correctly and checking reports to confirm A/R looks correct.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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