Resend An Invoice To Client

How To Resend An Invoice To Client In ZenCase

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Resend An Invoice To Client

Invoices that have already been billed can be resent via email to a client.

  • Go to the Invoices list page, click on the "Invoices" link in the left navigation bar.

  • Search or filter table results to find your invoice.

  • Click the invoice number from the "Invoice Number" column to view the invoice and confirm the invoice is correct before sending to client.

  • Under the Actions column, select "Email Invoice".

  • Select the "Summary Type": None, Client, Matter, or Invoice Summary

  • Select an email address

    • Alternatively, click "Add Email", enter an email address, and click Save

  • Click "Send"

You have now successfully resent an invoice to a client.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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