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View Pre-Billed Invoices And Save Filters

How To View Pre-Billed Invoices And Save Filters In ZenCase

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View Pre-Billed Invoices

You can view all of your pre-billed invoices from the Pre-Billed list page which is available from the left sidebar navigation. Click on the "Pre-Billed" or the invoice icon link.

Once on the Pre-Billed list page, you can perform various actions:

How To View A Pre-Bill

  • Go to the Pre-Billed list page by clicking "Pre-Billed" from left navigation bar.

  • Search or filter your table results.

  • Click on the Pre-Bill number from the "Pre-Bill #" column in the table

  • Alternatively, click the "..." three dots icon under Actions column and click "Edit Pre-Bill"

  • You will be redirected to the pre-bill edit page

  • Under the Billing Information section, you can view:

    • Invoice Date

    • Term Days

    • Due Date

    • Bill Contact name and contact information

    • Firm Billing Contact name and contact information

    • Previous Invoice date and amount if available

  • From the top toolbar, you can:

    • Mark Ready for Review.

    • Approve/Unapprove by clicking down arrow next to "Mark Ready for Review", then click the "Approve" button.

    • Add Invoice Discount by clicking "Discount" button.

    • Add Private Note and Customer Memo by clicking "Settings" button.

    • Show/Hide Client, Matter, and Invoice Summaries line items by clicking "Settings" button.

Save Custom Filters on Pre-Billed List Page

When you filter pre-bills, you have the ability to "save" the filter options you currently have applied to the pre-billed list. This is a very powerful feature to help you organize and quickly access the specific pre-bills you need.

How To Save A Custom Filter:

  • On the Pre-Billed list page, select a filter dropdown on the page, such as Client, Matter, or Originator. You can also select the "More filters" button for more filtering options.

  • After you have applied the filters you need, click "Save Filters"

  • Enter your custom filter name in the pop up panel

  • Click "Save Filters"

  • You will now see a new oval, pill shaped button underneath the filters

  • Click "Clear Filters" to clear all filter options

  • Click your new custom filter name button and you will see all the filters re-applied automatically!

By applying filters and saving custom filters, you can categorize and organize the specific information you are looking for and it's as simple as a click of a button to view your filtered list.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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