Automatically Add Reviewers To Pre-Bills

How To Automatically Add Reviewers To Pre-Bills In ZenCase

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You can review pre-bills and approve a pre-bill in ZenCase individually or in bulk. You can also setup members by their member type (aka role) to automatically be assigned as a pre-bill reviewer for any matter. You can view pre-bill reviewers in the "Reviewers" column on the Pre-Billed list page.

Setup Firm Member Type Defaults

You can set a firm member type to default the checkbox for "Pre-bill Reviewer" when adding matter role assignments. Go to Firm Settings > Member Types and edit a Member Type. Check the option for "Pre-Bill Reviewer". By setting a particular Member type to be a "Pre-Bill Reviewer", this will set the checkbox to true when you add a member with that specific member type when adding new matter role assignments.
​Please Note: You must add a matter role assignment to your matters for auto assigning pre-bill reviewers for a matter.

Matter Role Assignments For Automatically Assigning Pre-Bill Reviewers

You can add multiple role assignments for members on as many matters as you need to automatically assign pre-bill reviewers for those matter invoices.

Add Pre-Bill Role Assignments To Multiple Matters

To quickly add a pre-bills reviewer to multiple matters, you will need to add a new role assignment in bulk.

  • From the Matters list page, select your matters with the checkbox for each row.

  • Click Bulk Actions > Edit Role Member.

  • Select "Add" from the radio options.

  • Enter member from the select dropdown.

  • Enter member type from the select dropdown.

  • Check the "Pre-Bill Reviewer" checkbox.

  • Click "Save"

You have now added a member as a pre-bill reviewer to multiple matters.

Generate Pre-Bills And Mark Ready For Review

In order to review a pre-bill, your pre-bills must be in a state that is "Ready for Review". Once your pre-bill is in review mode, then you can add a review and approve the pre-bill. When approving pre-bills, you can add a comment on the pre-bill as well.

Mark Multiple Pre-Bills as Ready For Review

  • From the Pre-Billed list page, select your pre-bills with the checkbox for each row.

  • Click Bulk Actions > Mark Ready For Review.

  • Confirm by selecting "Yes, move pre-bills in review."

You have now set multiple pre-bills to be in review.

Alternatively, when viewing a specific pre-bill, click the "Mark Ready for Review" button (you may need to refresh page afterwards). Members with role assignments for the matters will automatically receive an email requesting their review on a pre-bill and they will show up under the "Reviewers" box inside the pre-bill page.

Review A Pre-Bill And Approve

Viewing a specific pre-bill, you can click the "Approve Pre-Bill" button in the pre-bill toolbar. Alternatively, you can click the "Reviewers" button and in the right panel pop up, you should see your name as a reviewer. Click the pencil "Edit" icon.

If you would like to add yourself to review a pre-bill, then click "Reviewers" and then the "Add Review" button in top right of the right pop up panel.

A review pop up modal will open where you can enter a comment and toggle the "Approved" option, then click "Save".

Approve Multiple Pre-Bills

  • From the Pre-Billed list page, select your pre-bills with the checkbox for each row.

  • Click Bulk Actions > Approve Pre-Bills.

  • Confirm by selecting "Yes, approve pre-bills."

You have now approved multiples pre-bills.

On the Pre-Billed list page, you can view all reviewers from the "Reviewers" column. A yellow exclamation icon next to the reviewer's name represents reviewers awaiting approvals. A green checkmark icon next to the reviewer's name represents reviewers who have already approved the pre-bill.

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