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View Payments And Save Filters

How To View Payments And Save Filters In ZenCase

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View Payments

You can view all of your payments from the Payments list page which is available from the left sidebar navigation. Click on the "Payments" or the hand holding money icon link.

Once on the Payments list page, you can perform various actions:

  • View Payment Allocations

  • Edit Payment

  • Issue Refund

  • Delete Payment

  • View Payment History

  • Search or filter by:

    • Client

    • Matter With Unallocated Payment

    • Matters With Payment Applied

    • Payer

    • Payment Method

    • Invoice

    • Charge

  • Click the "All Filters" button to filter by more filter options.

Save Custom Filters on Payments List Page

When you filter payments, you have the ability to "save" the filter options you currently have applied to the payments list. This is a very powerful feature to help you organize and quickly access the specific payments you need.

How To Save A Custom Filter:

  • On the Payments list page, select a filter dropdown on the page, such as Client, Matter, or Payment Method. You can also select the "All filters" button for more filtering options.

  • After you have applied the filters you need, click "Save Filters"

  • Enter your custom filter name in the pop up panel

  • Click "Save Filters"

  • You will now see a new oval, pill shaped button underneath the filters

  • Click "Clear Filters" to clear all filter options

  • Click your new custom filter name button and you will see all the filters re-applied automatically!

By applying filters and saving custom filters, you can categorize and organize the specific information you are looking for and it's as simple as a click of a button to view your filtered list.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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