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Create A Fixed Fee Task Pre-Bill

How To Create A Fixed Fee Task Pre-Bill In ZenCase

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ZenCase supports Fixed Fee Task Billing for Matters. A fixed fee task is a task that represents the estimated fixed fee total amount for the invoiced bill. You can then add time entries and associate them with this fixed fee task. Once a time entry is associated with a fixed fee task, then each time entry bill amount will proportionately be adjusted to fulfill the fixed fee task total amount for the invoice.

After you have setup your fixed fee task and added the time entries to be applied as a fixed fee, then you can create your pre-bill.

Create A Fixed Fee Task Pre-Bill

The first thing you will need to do is to mark your task as "Completed" before you can generate the fixed fee pre-bill.

  • Go to the Tasks list page by clicking on the "Tasks" button in the left navigation sidebar.

  • On the Tasks list page, search for your fixed fee task.

    • Alternatively you can view tasks from the Matter > Tasks tab.

  • Under the Actions column, click the three dots "..."

  • Click "Quick Edit"

  • In the pop up window, select "Completed" from the Status dropdown.

    • Alternatively, you can select "Completed" from the Status column in the table view.

  • Click "Done".

  • Your fixed fee task should now be marked as "Completed".

    • Note: Tasks must be marked as completed in order to show on the pre-bill.

  • Go to the Unbilled list page by clicking the Unbilled link in the left navigation bar.

  • Select the Matter tab for matter based billing.

  • Select the Client tab for client based billing.

  • Apply filters by clicking "All Filters" to find your pre-bill.

  • Once you've determined the pre-bills you would like generated, select the rows from the table.

  • Select a date in the "Invoice Date" field to set the date to generate pre-bills.

  • Click "Generate Pre-Bills".

You have successfully created fixed fee task pre-bills and you can now review and approve your pre-bills.

On the Pre-Billed list page, you can view your new fixed fee task pre-bill.

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