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Client Invoices & Payments Report In ZenCase
Client Invoices & Payments Report In ZenCase

How To View Client Invoices & Payments Report In ZenCase

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You can view all of your client's balances with all billed invoices and payments directly in ZenCase from the Reports page. This report will show all of the billed invoices with payments associated for each client's matter with the balances for total fees, total expenses, and net total.

You will view a detailed report that will include:

  • Invoice Number

  • Payer

  • Date (Invoice or Payment)

  • Due Date

  • Payment Type

  • Payment Reference

  • Total Fees

  • Total Expenses

  • Total Amount

  • Matter Net Total Fees

  • Matter Net Total Expenses

  • Matter Net Total Amount

  • Client Net Total Fees

  • Client Net Total Expenses

  • Client Net Total Amount

How To View Client Invoices & Payments Report

  • Go to the Reports page by clicking "Reports" from the left navigation bar.

  • On the Reports page, click "View Report" under Client Invoices & Payments.

  • On the Client Invoices & Payments report page, you will first need to select the client to view the invoices and payments for each client's matter.

  • Choose the Client, Matter, Payer, or Invoice to view the report.

  • You can filter by:

    • Client

    • Matter

    • Payer

    • Invoice

    • Include Zero Balance: Yes or No.

    • Invoice Date

    • Invoice Due Date

    • Payment Date

  • Click "Export Reports" to view your report in CSV format

    • Note: Exported data will reflect the table results with any filters applied. Clear filters if you want to view all data.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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