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Setup Fixed Fee Billing For Matters
Setup Fixed Fee Billing For Matters

How To Setup Fixed Fee Billing For Matters In ZenCase

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ZenCase supports Fixed Fee Billing for Matters. A fixed fee matter is a matter that represents the estimated fixed fee total amount for the invoiced bill. You can add time entries as a fixed fee entry which will proportionately be adjusted to fulfill the fixed fee matter total amount for the invoice.

What will determine whether to use Fixed Fee Matter Billing or Fixed Fee Task Billing? Fixed Fee Task Billing requires a time entry to be associated with a task that is setup to be a fixed fee task. Fixed Fee Mater Billing does not require a time entry to be associated with a fixed fee task, however the matter must be designated as a fixed fee matter. You can choose to have fixed fee billing setup at the task or matter level for a time entry.

Add Time Entry As Fixed Fee To A Matter

On the Matter details page, you can add the time entries you want to have be billed with a fixed fee amount.

  • Go to the Matters list page by clicking on the "Matters" button in the left navigation sidebar.

  • On the Matters list page, click the matter name in the "Matter Name" column.

  • You should be redirected to view the Matter details page.

  • Click the "Charges" tab on the matter page.

  • On the matter tasks list page, click "Add Time Entry".

  • Select Member from dropdown.

  • Select Date.

  • Select Billable option from dropdown.

  • Select Show On Bill option from dropdown.

  • Select Client from dropdown.

  • Select Matter from dropdown.

  • Select the fee type as "Fixed" from the dropdown.

  • Enter description.

  • Enter actual hours.

  • Enter adjusted hours.

  • Enter bill rate.

  • Click "Save"

You have now successfully created a time entry with as a fixed fee that will adjust the time for the flat fee amount of the matter.

You can add as many time entries as needed before you generate the fixed fee matter invoice.

Important Note: Once you have generated a fixed fee matter invoice, you can no longer add new fixed fee time entries to the matter. You can continue to add hourly time entries, however fixed fee time entries will no longer be allowed.

Also Note: Fixed fees and expenses will not be proportionately adjusted to fulfill the fixed fee matter total amount for the invoice. Only time entries will be adjusted for the fixed fee matter bill.

Great! You are now ready to generate your pre-bill as a fixed fee matter bill.

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