View A Fixed Fee Matter Pre-Bill

How To View A Fixed Fee Matter Pre-Bill In ZenCase

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How To View A Fixed Fee Matter Pre-Bill

  • Go to the Pre-Billed list page by clicking "Pre-Billed" from left navigation bar.

  • Search or filter your table results.

  • Click on the Pre-Bill number from the "Pre-Bill #" column in the table

  • Alternatively, click the "..." three dots icon under Actions column and click "Edit Pre-Bill"

  • You will be redirected to the pre-bill edit page

  • Under the Billing Information section, you can view:

    • Invoice Date

    • Term Days

    • Due Date

    • Bill Contact name and contact information

    • Firm Billing Contact name and contact information

    • Previous Invoice date and amount if available

  • From the top toolbar, you can:

    • Mark Ready for Review.

    • Approve/Unapprove by clicking down arrow next to "Mark Ready for Review", then click the "Approve" button.

    • Add Invoice Discount by clicking "Discount" button.

    • Add Private Note and Customer Memo by clicking "Settings" button.

    • Show/Hide Client, Matter, and Invoice Summaries line items by clicking "Settings" button.

  • Below Billing Information, you will see all the Matter Details and Summary Details.

  • Matter Details include:

    • Billing Cycle

    • Use Unallocated Funds (aka Matter Credits)

    • Use Trust Funds

    • Add toolbar for adding more charges to the matter

    • Hourly table for all time entries

    • Fixed Fees table for all fixed fees

    • Fixed Fee Matter table for your fixed fee matter line item

      • From the Actions column for the task, you can click the three dots "..."

      • Click "View Charges"

      • A right panel will open to display all the time entries associated with the fixed fee matter with the hours, rate and updated bill amount to reflect the amount that was adjusted to fulfill the fixed fee bill amount for each time entry.

    • Expenses table for all expenses

    • Total Matter Summary

  • Summary Details include:

    • Time Summary for Invoice

    • Total Invoice Summary

    • Total Client Summary

    • Total Trust Replenishment Summary

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