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View Client Portal Invoices

How To View Client Portal Invoices For ZenCase Clients

Written by Daryna Chorna
Updated over a week ago

How to View Client Portal Invoices

  • Login to the Client Portal.

  • If you have two factor authentication enabled, you will need to enter the authentication code.

  • Click "Sign In" button.

  • You will be redirected to the Client Portal Dashboard page.

  • Go to the Invoices list page by clicking "Invoices" from left navigation bar.

  • You can see all Client's Invoices information on this page:

    • Invoice number

    • Invoice matters

    • Invoiced date

    • Due date

    • Invoice amount

    • Status

  • Under Actions column you can:

    • View Invoice

    • Pay Invoice

      • Note: This will only display for unsettled invoices and if the law firm has Law Pay enabled in the ZenCase application.

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