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Automatic Interest On Overdue Invoices
Automatic Interest On Overdue Invoices

Automatic Interest On Overdue Invoices In ZenCase

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When your firm administrator has enabled Interest for your client invoices and the charge interest has been configured either at the firm, client, matter level, or pre-bill level, then ZenCase will automatically create a new unbilled "expense" charge for the matter for any billed invoice that is "overdue".

If you have configured compounding interest for the invoice, then every interest interval number of days that have passed will compound the interest for the invoice until the invoice has been paid.

View Interest Charge Items

The automatically created interest charges will be created as a new unbilled "expense". You can find the new interest charges on the Time & Expenses list page.

  • Go to Time & Expenses list page from the left navigation bar.

  • Click the "All Filters" button.

  • Scroll down until you see "Interest" dropdown.

  • Select "Yes" from the "Interest" dropdown.

  • Select "All Unbilled" from the "Invoice Status" dropdown to view only new unbilled interest charges.

  • Click "Apply Filters" in the top right of the pop up panel.

You should now see all of the new interest charge items.

View Interest On An Invoice

You can view the interest charges on a past due invoice from the Invoices list page.

  • Go to Invoices list page by clicking on the "Invoices" link in the left navigation bar.

  • Filter your invoices as needed, possibly with the "Due Date" date range filter.

  • On the Invoices list page, under the "Actions" column, click "Interest Settings" button.

  • You will see a right pop up panel that will display the interest charge settings with any interest charges associated to the invoice.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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