Although we encourage new products be requested (and later added) into Zestful, we do have some guidelines for products prior to approval of the addition.

We created Zestful to reward, recognize, and empower employees with products/services that they love. While things like gas stations, and business services are important, they aren't right for the Zestful catalog.

Here are some examples of products that we typically don't allow:

  • Gas stations
  • Liquor stores
  • Business services (e.g. tax services, office products, insurance, etc)
  • Products related to bills and expenses
  • Products directly related to money transferring/conversion

Please keep in mind that even if a product or service doesn't fit the list above, it may still be rejected. We include other valuation factors, such as location, breadth of the product or service being requested, and whether we think the product will directly benefit our customer base.

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