Flows & Connections

Sync easily with your favorite tools and apps. Work within your native creative tools, project management, and file storage apps.

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Connect your favorite tools and apps with Ziflow Connect, our suite of one-click and low-code integrations. Automatically create new reviews from file and asset storage platforms, sync review and approval with project management tools, and work directly inside Adobe CS and other creative tools.

Ziflow connect tab overview

The Connect screen contains a few basic functions:

  1. Create flow - click the green button to create a new flow. For more information, see here.

  2. Search - a handy tool to find the flow you are looking for very quickly. As you type in the search bar, it will display the results in real-time.

  3. Filters - there are two types of filters you can choose from: Created by or Status.

  4. Cloud Storage - connect Ziflow with Dropbox Personal, Dropbox Business, or Google Drive storage.

  5. Applications - connect Ziflow with third-party integrations.

  6. Intake forms - create and manage your Intake forms.

  7. Flow list - displays all the flows created by you and your teammates. It can be used for checking actions that have been executed by the flows. All available options can be found in this article.

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