Automatic Deadline Reminders

Send automated messages to reviewers before the deadline, on the deadline, and after the deadline is passed.

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Summary: With Automatic Late Proof Reminders, Ziflow ensures your team members are always prompted to take action while up against a deadline.

You can now configure account-level defaults to automatically send email reminders to reviewers before, on, and after the proof deadline date.

Available for: Enterprise edition only.

Where is the feature setup? Automated late-proof reminders may be configured by account admins in the Settings menu under the Emails tab.

Automatic deadline reminders settings in Ziflow

How does it work?

There are 3 automated late proof reminder settings:

Different options when configuring automatic deadline reminders

  1. Sends an email reminder to reviewers before the deadline.

  2. Sends an email reminder to reviewers when the deadline has been reached.

  3. Sends an email reminder to reviewers after the deadline has passed.

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