Summary: All users in Ziflow can view and edit their profiles, making it easy to amend any personal information such as your name, profile picture, phone number etc. They can also change their default proofing and notification settings

Available for: Licensed users in Ziflow.

Where is the feature applied? Profile settings can be accessed from the View Profile or Settings tab under your username, as shown below.

How does it work?

Once you are inside the View profile window or Settings tab, the user profile information is displayed. The information is listed below in reference to the screenshots.

  1. Profile picture - please note that the file must be 1000px height and 1000px width MAX.

  2. Profile first and last name

  3. E-mail address - this cannot be edited by yourself. If you need to change your email address, please contact

  4. User roles - these are set by the Ziflow administrators or the account owner.

  5. Change password - allows you to change the currently used password to a new one.

  6. Company name - by default value in this field is taken from the account settings but users (or users with manager rights) may also adjust it later for themselves.

  7. Phone number

  8. Time zone - this setting is automatically taken from your browser settings, but it can also be adjusted manually if needed.

  9. Default proof permission settings - these settings will be automatically applied to any proof you are taking part in.

  10. Default notification settings - whenever you or someone else adds you as a reviewer, this setting will be applied.

  11. Groups - this section displays all groups that you are a part of. You have the option to remove yourself from groups, as well as add yourself to other groups.

  12. Proofs - displays your proof statistics

  13. API key - generates an API key that can later be used for accessing Ziflow API

Additional Information:

  • Changing your email address is not possible as it is linked to your account setup. If you need to change your email address, please contact your account admin who can delete your existing account and send a new invitation using your new email address or you may contact

Supporting material:

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