This is where account admins will establish defaults for decision settings. To start adjusting decision settings please go to Settings -> Proofing Settings -> Decisions as shown on a screenshot below.

Decision settings are divided into 3 parts:

  1. Decision labels (Business & Enterprise editions)

  2. Decision checklists (Business & Enterprise editions)

  3. Post decision message (Business & Enterprise editions)

1. Decision labels

Summary: Custom decision labels make it easy for our customers to define what options are presented to reviewers when they make a decision on a proof.

Standard options are as follows:

  • Approved

  • Approved with changes

  • Changes required

  • Not relevant

We understand that these decision options may not meet the needs of all our customers, which is why we’ve added custom decision labels. This feature will allow you to modify the standard options to something more fitting for your workflow.

How does it work?

Once admins are inside the Decision Labels screen, they can customize the decision labels by clicking on the name and entering a new one. They must click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Admins can also pick and choose which decision options are visible to reviewers by toggling the Display switch on or off.

If they would like to revert back to the original decision labels, click Restore defaults.

*Please note: the underlying meaning of a decision and overall status calculation logic will remain intact. The order of decisions cannot be changed, only the label.

For more information, please see Finishing a Review & Understanding Proof Decisions.

2. Decision checklists

Summary: Oftentimes proof managers require additional feedback on why a reviewer made a decision or might require reviewers to sign off on a checklist for marketing compliance reasons at the end of the review. For this purpose, you can set up customized decision checklists or reasons that can be displayed when reviewers make a decision on a proof. These can then be viewed in the dashboard or be exported to a PDF along with the comments.

How does it work?

Once you are inside the Decision checklist screen, you can add the decision checklist by clicking on the + Add reason button and entering a new one. Once a new reason is added to the list, click on it and give it a name. If you also want to give your reviewers the possibility to add comments to the reason, please check the Show text box field and click the Save button.

Admins can also decide if reviewers should be able to choose multiple options from the decision checklist or require at least one selection.

In the next step, select types of decisions in which decision reasons should be displayed. You can do this by marking the Show checklist field near decision names.

Once decision reasons are set and enabled, your reviewer will be able to add them during the proof review.

For more information about submitting decisions with reasons, please see Finishing a Review & Understanding Proof Decisions.

3. Post decision message

Summary: If you would like to post a message to reviewers after they submit their proof decision you can use a special setting for that purpose. It displays a window with needed information for a reviewer right after a decision is submitted.

How does it work?

By default the setting is disabled. If you would like to post some message to reviewers after they submit a decision, simply enable a post-decision message for each type of decision you want.

In order to enter to change or add a post-decision message please go to the text editor window. It will let you compose a post-decision message using various text editor options:

Once the post-decision message is enabled for wanted types of decisions and text of the notification is added, then the feature is enabled and reviewers will start seeing the message after submitting their proof decisions.

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