Summary: After a proof is created, the owner or manager can share the proof with additional people and add them as reviewers.

Guest reviewers are also able to share a proof.

Different ways of sharing proof:

  1. Share from Proof Details level

  2. Share from Proof Viewer level

  3. Share multiple proofs in one go from Dashboard Proof List level

  4. Sharing as a guest reviewer (Enterprise Edition only)

Inside Proof Details page

Click on the Share proof icon from the action menu.

You can also share proof directly from the stage settings

Inside Ziflow Viewer

Click on the Share proof icon. Once you click on Share proof, the Share proof screen will be displayed. Add the email address of anyone you would like to invite into the review and approval process and click Share. You can add any of your users/contacts that are already listed in your Ziflow account or add new reviewers.

Share multiple proofs in one go from Dashboard Proof List level

Users may also share proofs from the Dashboard Proof List level. This might be handy when combined with the bulk change option. This allows sharing multiple proofs with reviewers in a single action.

Sharing as a guest reviewer (Enterprise Edition only)

Sharing by a guest reviewer works the same way as sharing by a Ziflow user. The only difference is that the sharing action can only be done from the Proof Viewer level.

Guest reviewers must have Share permission assigned if you want to let them share the proof with other people.

Guest reviewers that want to share the proof need to click on the Share proof icon located on the left sidebar. It will expand the "Share proof" window from which he/she can add new reviewers to the proof.

Guest reviewers cannot:

  • create a new stage and are only able to add reviewers to stage(s) that they are in

  • see autocomplete when typing an email

  • check the "Manage" or "Share" checkbox when inviting new reviewers

  • edit any stage settings

  • edit existing reviewers

Guest reviewers can:

  • set comments and decision checkboxes for newly added reviewers

  • set notification preferences for the newly added reviewer

Additional information:

  • Reviewers can be added to the proof regardless of progress status or lock status.

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