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Electronic signatures

User reviewers will need to sign their decisions using an electronic signature. Enterprise edition only.

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Summary: Enabling this setting during proof creation requests all reviewers to sign their decisions on this proof electronically. Upon submitting a decision, reviewers will be asked to authenticate their choice with the authentication method used for accessing the Ziflow account (email & password or token when authenticating with SSO & Google Sign In).

Available on: Enterprise edition only.

Where is the feature applied?

The electronic signatures setting can be used only in proofs with internal reviewers (users). This setting can be enabled during proof creation under a proof settings section:

Electronic signature setting on a proof

If you try enabling this setting while inviting guest reviewers (contacts), you'll get an error asking to remove guest reviewers from the workflow or disable the electronic signatures option.

Error message to remove guest reviewers when an electronic signature setting is enabled

How does the electronic signature look from the reviewer's perspective?

A. User authenticating with Ziflow email & password - the reviewer is required to sign off proof using email and password for their Ziflow account

Electronic signature when user is authenticating with Ziflow email & password

B. User authenticating with SSO or Google Sign In - if a reviewer uses SSO or Google Sign In to access Ziflow, the proof needs to be signed off with a token sent to the reviewer's mailbox.

Electronic signature when user is authenticating with SSO or Google Sign In

How does the proof look after it's been electronically signed?

Proofs confirmed with an electronic signature have a special icon near the reviewer who signed the proof with this method. Proof status can be viewed while

Electronic signature activity is logged under activity log in Ziflow

Notifications informing about submitting a decision with electronic signatures are also updated with a special icon.

Electronic signature icon near reviewers decisions in email notification

The fact of using an electronic signature is also registered in the activity log at the bottom of the proof details page.

Electronic signature registered in the activity log

If you export comments to PDF from an electronically signed proof, you'll see a special icon near each reviewer's decision.

Electronic signature icon in comment PDF export
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