ZIK Affiliate Program?

Want to be a part of ZIK affiliate program? Looking for your referral link?

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Not only will ZIK offer you help in earning money through dropshipping, but it will also offer you an option to earn money promoting ZIK,

If you are thinking of being an affiliate in ZIK, and you are not a ZIK member already, here are the three simple steps on how you can join us!

  • Apply to join the free ZIK Analytics affiliate program in under 5 minutes

  • Once accepted, you’ll be provided with unique signup links. Anytime someone signs up and joins with your link, we’ll track it.

  • Depending on your affiliate level, you’ll receive up to 20% lifetime commission for every paying member you refer to ZIK Analytics.

We have 3 different plans you can choose from, and here you can see what they include:

Do we have your attention? Check how to become an affiliate!

If you have any more questions about our Affiliate Program, please contact us in the chat - we would be happy to help you 😊  

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